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“Music with a message In addition to sharing their music, most acts also strived to spread a message. Josephine Madden, who performs as Josephine with a Cause, sings about social injustice through a personal lens. Growing up in Israel, she witnessed violence and poverty. After moving to Brookline with her young daughter just more than a year ago, she said, she drummed up the courage to share her rock music with the community that welcomed her in a time of need. “I came with nothing, just one suitcase, and the community opened their arms to me,” she said. “I want to give them courage through my words and through music.” ” - Alyssa Meyers

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"Josephin is a powerhouse. She rocks hard , and she has a message. She has conviction. She is on a crusade against injustice. Backed by a great four piece band , she delivers fierce and catchy tunes that make you think. She backs up her words with actions, supporting charity with the profits from her music. She is also a supporter of The New England Revolution soccer team, and she wrote a great theme song for the team. Jo grew up in Israel, and immigrated to Boston, and we are glad to have her here. She fits right in."” - TJ Welch

Sonic Lobotomy, Salem TV

"New England takes a crack at establishing their own club anthem By Andrew Wiebe After Real Salt Lake got things started with the "Believe RSL" anthem that got considerable internet love, the New England Revolution have added their own offering to the genre. The team announced on Monday that “New England Revolution Anthem,” written and performed by Josephin Shlomit Madden, a local from Abington, Mass., has been selected as the New England Revolution’s official 2012 victory song. I dig the punk rock vibe, and Josephin did a great job putting together something authentic and catchy at the same time. She's got a big voice and presence that fit the anthem well. The only thing left is for the Revs to win, something that hasn't come easy through two games in 2012. Fortunately, they'll have another chance to pipe this bad boy through the Gillette Stadium sound system on Saturday when Portland come to town.” ” - Andrew Wiebe

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