Josephine (in just a few sentences):

International New England based Singer-Songwriter-artist Josephine is a Rock n Roll powerhouse with a cause. A soulful sonic bomb. A socially conscious lyricist with an against all odds attitude. She has a big voice and a big heart to match.

Josephine (Josephine With A Cause)

Israeli born, adopted by New England when she was in her late teens Josephine ("Jo") Madden was the songwriter writer and front-woman of her old bands JO and the MFers, Sonic Bomb and Josephin. Josephine's sound combines a booming mix of arena rock (like ACDC, GNR, Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo, Sweet) with infectious 70’s-80’s melodic Anthem Punk (such as Cock Sparrer, Clash, Stiff Little Fingers) with soul influences (Etta James, Aretha Franklin). She even has a lot of metal influences in her newer material which features a bunch of twin leading guitars and galloping rhythms. And her socially conscious lyrics poetically deal with fighting against injustices such as abuse, violence, poverty, and even war from a personal perspective in a heartfelt, wide reaching style that is always up-lifting. 

To sum it up: Josephine's creations are always full of heart and empowerment to fight injustice and help the helpless. And it doesn't hurt that her melodies are fun to sing and are impossibly infectious.

History tidbits:
Singer-songwriter Josephine’s experience ranges from soloing in her schools’s choirs, starring in dance recitals, studying composition with David Zoffer at New England Conservatory where she also sang and soloed with two different ensembles.
She then founded, fronted and was the writer for: JO and the Mfers, Sonic Bomb, JOSEPHIN and now Josephine With A Cause.
Josephine was part of Dropkick Murphy's music video "Going out in style" in Jan 2011. And did backing vocals on their album Sealed in Blood in 2013 and Warriors Code in 2006.
She also starred in a music video of a Boston’s all-star Motown band Soul City.

Albums and EPs released to date: 

-A solo album called Connect The Dots in 2002 (Recorded at PBS studios).

-An EP called JO and the MFers in 2005.

-An EP with her old band Sonic Bomb in 2006.

-Her self titled EP Josephin 2010, which was a punky beginning to what Josephine plays nowadays.
Recorded with gold and platinum winner Michael "Mo" Lapierre at Tried and True Recordings. And mastered with Eric Baird at Half Son Of Audio.

And performed by LD Luis Rodriguez , Jose Antonio Solorzano, John Amato and Josephine.

-The official victory song of the New England Revolution soccer team which she wrote and recorded in 2010 at QDivision with Joe Tooley and additionally at Cobalt Sound Productions with Scott Hannon. With Scott Hannon, Matthew Martinelle, Vernon White, A.D. and Josephine.

(And performed in Gillette Stadium at the home opener in 2012).


TV & Radio: 

Played a live set on Sonic Lobotomy TV produced by TJ Welch of The Welch Boys. And a set on Portsmouth Radio. her music is currently on rotation on UNRegular Radio, KNYO, WXIN RI college radio with jack Woelfel (Josephin also did a live interview, was a featured artist on this station and was a finalist in their Rock Hunt battle of the bands).
A live set on "Radio Beat" WERS 88.9FM, Top ten on FNX radio's "Battle of the Bands” (2nd most voted for), “Demo of the Week” multiple times on WERS 88.9FM, “Hell Rock” Radio, On demand with David D'Attilio's "Merry Maladies", Tuft's "On The Town With Mikey D", Mohawk Radio and many college stations across the US.

Josephine with the help of her explosive band delivers her catchy ANTHEMS with an against all odds attitude and positive socially conscious messages straight from the heart with a cause! And you won't believe the power coming out of this 1/2 pint woman!


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