Sonic Bomb

Jo Madden

A bomb is almost always used in a negative connotation. I say lets flip that on it's head! And use the power of music as a bomb! A bomb against injustices! A bomb against war! A SONIC Bomb! My EMPOWERING ANTHEMS will spread the message & make a difference

This single is going to be THE single of my upcoming solo album A Sonic Bomb- Fighting injustice with harmonics!TM this specific version is a special limited edition version which will be re-recorded this winter for the actual album. This version is a part of a 4 song EP by Jo Madden all representing a spunky sneak peek into the upcoming album which will be a big production and an anthem packed empowering and innovative album for posterity!

The point of this song is summed in the chorus: "Here I come- A Sonic Bomb! Air wave air raid- so super sonic! Here I come- A Sonic Bomb! Fighting injustice with harmonics!".

This song was Written, produced and sang by: Jo Madden. On Guitars: LD Rodriguez. On Bass: Jose Antonio Solorzano. On Drums: John Amato. Backing vox by: Tommy Madden, John Amato and Jo. Recorded with Michael "Mo" Lapierre at Tries and True Recordings. Mastered by Eric Baird at Half Son Of Audio.

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