A Bullet

by Jo Madden

Released 2010
Josephin Inc
Released 2010
Josephin Inc
This song is about living in Boston poor. Everything becomes so tough when no matter how hard you work you are still struggling to survive in the city. Everything then starts becomes even more trying then it is. "but i am here and i wont go"! meaning..
..meaning i will keep fighting these trying times. and i will not let the obstacles, the long LONG Boston winter, the snow, the horrible neighborhood we are forced to live in, the student loans i cannot pay, the city traffic, did i mention the long long boston winter?! bring me down. i will stay here and will keep fighting until i am no longer poor and forced to live like this. and maybe then i will be able to enjoy the amazing things this city has to offer rather then the toughness.
We love Boston. We do not love being poor in Boston. But we're here and we won't go!

A Bullet is going to be re-recorded soon for Jo's upcoming solo album A Sonic Bomb- Fighting injustice with harmonics!TM. This specific version is a special limited edition version. So grab it while you still can. This single is a part of a 4 song EP by Josephin. The EP is a spunky sneak peek into her upcoming album that will be a big production and an ANTHEM packed EMPOWERING and innovative album for posterity!

This song was written, produced and sang by: Jo Madden.
On Guitars: LD Rodriguez.
On Bass: Jose Antonio Solorzano.
On Drums: John Amato.
Backing vocals by: Tommy Madden, John Amato and Jo.
Recorded with Michael "Mo" Lapierre at Tries and True Recordings.
Mastered by Eric Baird at Half Son Of Audio.