A video about my song Hope





I feel that music always gives me a great Lift. It is my heart and soul. I bleed melodies. But lately I've been troubled with serious stuffand life changing changes. And I am annoyed by the "noise" I have to dust off from my brain before I "press play" every time I try to focus on my music where before it was an edfortless infinite jobox of whatever song I was working on...


A thought about my song 2-Steps



I am working on my song 2-Steps. Preparing to video. I feel so much different now when I play/sing it compered to how I did when I first started writing it years ago. I always felt sad and very intense every time I played it until now (in it's various cocoon states). Even when I played it with other musicians. But now, after fixing everything that made me feel down, I feel happy in my heart and with a pep in my step every single time I go over it. The subject matter is very heavy, yes. But it still feels so good to sing and play it! I need to remember this feeling. And realise that a song is not really finished untill I feel this way in my heart.   


A blast from the past scrap book style!


This vid is meant to be a scrap book of Sonic Bomb by Jo Madden which was recorded in the studio with "Mo" Lapierre and mastered with Eric Baird (with LD Rodriguez, Jose Solorzano, John Amato and Jo) and LIVE all around New England and in New York (with Matty Martinelle, Scott Hannon, Vernon White, A.D. and Jo).


New Season for the Revolution. Here's a blast from when Jo performed in the stadium.



Happy Saint Patrick's day - Heart Of Gold by Jo Madden


Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone!

Here's the acoustic version of my Punk-Rock-Irish song Heart Of Gold (a tribute to New England) for you.




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